The tasty and healthy dish made from the pecan and casserole

The pecan is the kind of a nut and it is found in the Mexico region. They are also found in the south central regions of the United States. It is considered to be the very healthy nut and people can use it in all their recipes. The taste of this pecan is very much delicious and also they are highly attractive. People can get this pecan from all the grocery shops and using this in the daily foods habits will give the healthy life to the human body. So, it is highly important to use this pecan in the daily food habits. This pecan can be used for much purpose and there are several dishes which can be prepared using this pecan. The most famous dish which is prepared using this pecan is the squash and it is found to be the most famous dish of the Mexican people.


Many people many not have heard about this casserole and it is the stew which is cooked slowly in the oven and it is found to be very famous in the Mexican country. This is commonly found in the France country also. This is also used as the most important ingredient and people can prepare many useful foods with the help of this casserole. Here are few tips to make a most delicious recipe by combining both the pecan and the casserole. Follow them and prepare the most delicious in your home.

The most important ingredient to make this dish is the squash and takes two yellow squash in a bowl. The squash will be looking round enough and it will be also very attractive. Then add one cup of water to the bowl containing the squash. Close it and keep it into the oven for baking it. It must be baked for about 450 degree and bake it for about four to six minutes. Take a separate frying pan and add the canola oil to the pan. Two table spoon of canola oil will be highly enough. Along with that add one large onion and the onion must be highly chopped. Then add two green peppers to the pan and these peppers are also to be chopped finely. Mix them together to get the fine texture. Meanwhile you can take out the squash and smash it. After smashing it, it can be grinded thoroughly to get a fine paste. Then add them to a bowl and add 15 ounce can and the creamed style corn to the bowl. Add the sugar and stir them and then add the corn meal to the bowl and transfer them to another bowl. Now take 1/3 seasoned bread crumbs and add them with the Georgia pecans. Take one table spoon of melted butter and then again add them to the mixture. Prepare this mixture separately and then cook it in the oven. Finally the most delicious food can be prepared very easily and also quickly in the home.