The sparkling wine and champagne to make bubbly wines from fermentation method

We all celebrate our happy moments with popping out the bottles of those tasty and colourful sparkling wine and champagne. The certified sommelier Tim Hong shows us the difference between sparkling wine and champagne and also tells us about creating the bubbly wines. There are two methods to do this one is method champenoise and another type is sparkling wine. This type of bubbly wine process is popular around the world and they use this method. This long term process and goes many steps and procedures during each phase. This is essential to identify the wine. The champagne also comes under the method traditional base of process and there are many places use this method in making champagne. They are cava from Spain region, cremant de Bourgogne and franciacorta champagne brands.


The main step in finding the best sparkling wine or bubbly wine is from fermentation method. This process involves adding sugar with yeast and the mixture produce the alcohol and co2.During this process you should not allow the gas to go out. The fermentation of wine in a closed surface makes the gas to retain in the wine. This will go out as a bubble when you open this wine bottle. The alcohol and co2 content in the wine is the natural bi-products from the fermentation process. You can make the sparkling wines in many ways and the first one is fermenting in the taste and bubbles. Other method is of doing with fermentation and bottling the wine. These methods are very useful in making softer and tastier wines that is perfect in both taste and aroma.


Some of the examples for these kinds of wines are prosecco, Riesling brut sket and Asti wines. When you do in making of bubbly wine in any method of champagne or from sparkling wine you must consider some important things such as dryness level in the measure of creating bubbly wine. You can verify this key factor from the bottle label and it has four major level of describing the dryness level in the wine. They are of brut, dry, extra-dry and demi-sec levels. The brut level is the driest level of wine content and the demi-sec is the sweetest level in the wine content. You can choose dryness level among the brut level to demi-sec level. But keep a good dryness content in making a wine.


A good sparkling wine should have fruity taste but not sweet and the small bubbles are the sign of good quality wine. The look of wine is bright and fresh in a good dryness level. The sparkling wine is a kind of champagne only from France region. The champagne has key products of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meiuner. The champagne is also a type of wine and its method is under the AOC sparkling method of geographical region of France. They both are type of each other in a specific way and follows same procedure. You can enjoy popping out those bubbly wines to celebrate your special day.