The healthy slow cooker bbq chicken prepared in home

Eating spicy and crispy chicken will give much pleasure to the people. The chicken is the tastiest meat and it is loved by many people. There are many varieties of recipes and dishes which can be made with the help of the chicken. This chicken is also said to be the healthy food and there are many kinds of benefits which can be obtained by eating the chicken. There is a very famous dish which can be made with the help of the chicken and it is the slow cooker bbq recipe. This bbq refers to the barbecue and it is found to be the most delicious recipe which can be made with the help of the chicken.

Here the slow cooker is been used to prepare the recipe and this is the reason for which it is named as the slow cooker bbq recipe. It is also said to be the family recipe as many families come together to the hotels to take this famous recipe. It is the best recipe every found. This recipe is mostly made with the chicken’s breast as the breast of the chicken will be highly tasty than the other parts of the chicken. This can be prepared very easily in the home kitchen and there are many easy tips to make this recipe in the home. Let us read the below given tips and make the tastiest chicken recipe in the slow cooker.

The very first step to make this recipe is to take the sauce. The sauce must be the tomato sauce and it will be highly better to use the low sodium tomato sauce and salt must not be added to it. Take this sauce in a bowl and then take all he most needed ingredients to prepare this recipe. The most needed ingredients are the four skinless and the boneless chicken breasts, one ounce of barbecue sauce, ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar, ¼ cup of brown sugar and one teaspoon of garlic powder and finally ½ teaspoon of red pepper flakes. All these are the most common ingredients which must be taken while preparing the recipe. All these are the most needed ingredient and then after collecting these entire ingredients move to the next step which is to prepare the recipe.

First take the breasts of the chicken and then add them to the cooker which must be the slow cooker. Then take the white barbecue sauce and the vinegar and add them to the cooked chicken. Take brown sugar and the garlic powder along with the red pepper flakes and make them to settle in a bowl. Mix them properly and then pour the chicken to the bowl. Then again cook them together for about four to six hours. As it is the slow cooker it will take time to be cooked. Finally after cooking them take them out and then serve them in plates. The tasty slow cooker bbq chicken is prepared easily and it will give the great taste. Enjoy the taste the recipe prepared in the house.