The classic Bourbon and the Mint Julep cocktail recipe

The one of the favourite cocktail recipe around the world is Bourbon and The Mint Julep spirit and the chef Kerri Harris-Shaw with the total wine and more show you how the bourbon is coming from and the preparation behind the tasty and classic mint julep serving in an iconic pewter cup. Then start explaining why going for bourbon in this cocktail. The bourbons have good mash style with minimum 51% of corn in its content. It may contain wheat and malted barley with rye materials. The longer bourbon you use in this cocktail will give you the darker color of cocktail recipe. The cocktail contains 80% of alcohol out of 160 in its volume. The quality product you use gives you perfect color and flavour and taste in your cocktail.


A permanent cocktail spirit needs distillation process long and the preserving time is of around two years to get a perfect cocktail mix. The cocktail has 40 % alcohol from the 80 proof of distillation methods. Once you are happy with the distillation method then start doing the mint julep process. Then add eight mint leaves and two spoons of syrup in a pewter cup as a classic cocktail style. Then add two ounces of bourbon in to this. Then finally add crushed ice cubes and mix it well. Finally garnish this pewter cup cocktail with mint leaves. You can serve them in a cool state. The small batch spirits cocktail using wheat, corn and herb extracts. The single spirit ones are like the same with specific herb or spice to get the good taste of cocktail spirit.


You can do this bourbon based mint julep with the following ingredients as follows. Start doing this process with cocktail of bourbon, mint julep with crushed ice cubes. You can do this at home and the best part of doing this at home is you can make a control over the taste of this cocktail. You can get instant ready mix of this cocktail along with syrup but the sweet taste is too much over-powering to your nose. By making this at home you can get a perfect taste and flavour to your cocktail spirit mix. This cocktail has good aroma and flavour that gives a fabulous cocktail drink to you.


You can mix this mint julep syrup with any of other hot drinks like whisky, rum and all. The best mix is with the whisky and you can do it by adding the whisky in the classic pewter cup with this mint julep. This gives magical taste and flavour to your cocktail mix. This cocktail recipe follows the footsteps of traditional Kentucky derby style with mint flavour. The mint leaves acts as both herb and garnishing thing in this cocktail. Mostly these kinds of cocktail recipes serve in a classic pewter cup or silver cup. You can even alternate sugar syrup and mint instead of ice cubes and mint. This gives another different taste in this cocktail. Then enjoy the every sip of your cocktail drink with this mint julep.