Tasty Sour cream and cabbage dip

Many people do not know the real nature of the sour cream. The sour cream is the one which is found to be finely and deliberately fermented and the addition of certain bacteria to the sour cream will enhance the taste of the sour cream. Sour cream greatly helps to enhance the texture of the recipe and it is also used for many other purposes. The sour cream will be highly tasty and it also increases the taste of the dish to which it is been added. This is the reason for which the sour creams are added to the recipes.

Tasty cabbage

Like the sour cream the cabbage is the most important one which is highly useful in many ways. It is a vegetables and it contains many valuable nutrients and minerals in it. There are different varieties of cabbage found in the market and all the varieties of the cabbage will be highly tasty and also they will be healthy. So, adding the cabbage to the food will be really good and the people can enjoy the taste of the cabbage if they are finely cooked and prepared.

By adding the above said two ingredients and preparing the food will be really useful and also it will be highly tasty. The combination of the cabbage and the sour cream will be really great and it will really helpful to make the most delicious foods. Here are few tips to prepare the dish with the help of the sour cream and the cabbage. Read them and learn how to prepare the recipe in your house.

The first step is to take a pan and to add some apple wood smoked bacon which must be diced and then the pan containing the apple wood must be cooked finely. Along with the above said ingredient add some chopped white onion to add taste and then mix them thoroughly. After that drain out all the water from the pan and then again fry them by placing them in the pan. This will be the important step and then the next is to add some diced green chilli to the pan along with the above said ingredients placed in the pan.

Then take the water drained cabbage and add it to the pan. Fry them together till they get the good taste and texture. Take a separate bowl and add about two cups of sour cream to the bowl. The prepared dish which is kept in the pan must be added along with the sour cream and then mix them thoroughly. Add some tomatoes to the sour creams and the mixture in order to increase the flavor and the taste of the recipe. Adding chopped mango will also enhance the flavor of the recipe. Finally add two table spoon of parsley which will be very much attractive and it will also enhance the flavor to the recipe. The very tasty cabbage and sour cream recipe is prepared and now serve them in the plate.