Simply make pierogy ravioli meat balls and enjoy the day

Many people may have tasted pierogy and it is the kind of dumplings which is filled with the potatoes and cheese. This pierogy is found to be seen commonly in the East of European countries. This pierogy is highly healthy and it is also very tasty. It is served with chopped onions and it looks very colorful. Even this pierogy is made with cheese and also the mushrooms. The different varieties of meat are also added to this pierogy and also people take it as snacks. It can be added to many kinds of recipes to add taste to the food which is being prepared.


Pasta is one of the tastiest foods and the pasta is minced with the meat and fish and it is called as the ravioli. This ravioli will be highly healthy and also it will be very much tasty. This ravioli can be prepared with the vegetables, cheese and also all the kinds of meats found in the market. It will be very much healthy and it is commonly served with the sauce. All the ingredients added together gives an excellent taste to the ravioli and this is also used in many dishes.

Combination of ravioli and pierogy

Both the ravioli and the pierogy will be the tastiest food and the combination of these two dishes will be really tasty and healthy. Let us prepare food by adding these two pierogy and ravioli. It can be named as the meat balls and it will be highly healthy and also it will be tasty. The procedure to prepare this is as follows.


The first step to do in the preparation of this food is to take a vessel and pour water to it. Heat the water to the high temperature and then add at least one box of potato and the cheddar pierogies to the vessel with water. Stir them thoroughly and after that keep them away. Then take a separate bowl and add ground beef and turkey can also be added with the beef. Then take a large egg and add them to the bowl containing the turkey and the beef. It is important to add the seasoned Italian bread crumbs along with it and it is added to get the best and crispy taste. It will be highly enough to take the ¼ seasoned crumbs and again mix them thoroughly. After that add one table spoon of salt with them and make them into balls. Take a frying pan and then add two table spoon of vegetable oil to the pan. Place the small balls to the pan in order to fry them and then add one jar of marinara sauce to them. Along with that add the cheese and also the chopped parsley. Serve them in the plate and along with the cooked pierogy. This will look very good and the people can have the great taste. Enjoy the taste of the pierogies and the ravioli by preparing them in your home itself.