Savour some sour beer to bring alive all the senses

Beer is the most commonly used alcoholic beverage these days by people all over the world as they can provide the consumer with a very mild intoxication without actually getting them inebriated. There are various types of beer companies that provide different types of beers which can have various flavours, colour and even textures on some instances. There are various factors helping people to achieve the sour flavour accredited due to the aging and the formation of useful bacteria in them during the time of manufacture.


Popular types

Germany is the world’s largest manufacturer of beer and they hold the same recognition even for the preparation of the sour beer. There are different places in Belgium and in Germany where such sour beer can be manufactured which has its own distinguished flavour in them. They are also various companies in a particular city who manufacture such kinds of sour beer in their company. Some of the Belgian flavours would include the Flanders Red, Flanders Oud Bruin and also different kinds of the limbic beer. These lambic beers can be further classified based on the taste and the ingredients used for preparing them such as fruit lambic, unblended lambic, gueuze, and finally the faro types. The German style would include the Berliner Weissbier and the Gose varieties. The American breweries have stimulated labs through which they can prepare similar tasting sour beer through their beer industries. The popularity for this kind is mainly due to the various interpretations of the sour flavour otherwise found only in Belgium and Germany.



The American breweries make use of different artificial techniques to get the same or better flavours to the beer found in Germany. These people make use of different techniques, thereby making breweries from other countries to follow similar techniques to obtain such results. Apart from the basic sour flavour, they can also produce a funky flavour in them useful for other purposes while also changing the colour, strength and the complexity of such beer to produce a completely different one. These can be known by a completely different flavour such as the American Wild Ales. The flavour of the funkiness in the beer can range from mild to intense flavours. The sour flavour can be categorized based on their flavour which includes zesty, tart, acetic, acidic, fruity, wine like and even vinous. The funky flavour on the other hand can be categorized as musty, farm, barnyard, hay, leather, horse blanket, earth and even wood.


The sourness in the beer can be obtained by exposing them to different types of helpful bacteria such as lactobacilus that gives the beer a sour flavour, which are present naturally in the air and even in the wooden barrels used for preparing and storing them. The funky flavour on the other hand can be obtained by adding the yeast such as brettanomyces that can also be cultivated by people. For best results, brewers can add either or both of these into the beer to help them get the desired flavour.