Recipes that are made with the gin

Gin a spirit which is flavoured by the juniper berries. Gin is used as the herbal medicine in most of the pharmacies to treat the kidney, stomach disorders. This becomes famous in Great Britain. It became popular to use in the period of the king William of orange. The common ingredient that is available in the gin is the juniper berries in which it gives a good aroma to the gin. Gin is especially used as an herbal medicine in the past centuries after the arrival of the king William the gin became a popular as a spirit. There are four broad categories of the gin they are; juniper flavoured spirit drinks in which it is prepared by the method of pot distillation and it is then distilled to add the aromatic flavors to the gin. The gin is flavoured by the juniper berries and it is sold in the names of the wacholder and genebra. The next is the gin in which it is not re distilled to add the botanical flavors but they will add the simple spirit of agricultural origin. The next is the distilled gin in which the flavors and essences to make the ethanol more good to drink. The London gin is the last one in which it is obtained with the ethanol content with maximum of methanol content.


Some of the production methods of the gin are the first production method is the pot distilled gin in which it is done by the fermented barley and other grains. Next the gin is distilled to add the aroma and the essence. The double gin is available to take as the drink. In this type if the gin the alcohol content will be less when considering the other methods of manufacture. The next method is the column distilled method in which the fermented base has the neutral spirit which will be removed from the base and it is redistilled to add aroma and the essence. This type of the gin is usually known as the dry gin or the London gin. The next one is the compound gin which is made without redistilling the gin.


The two basic recipes that are made with the gin is the gin and tonic in which this dish is an ancient dish which is emerged in the year of 1825. To make this gin, pour 3 ounces of the good gin and 4 ounces of the tonic water into the glass in which the ices are crushed. Now squeeze the fresh lime and stir the drink. This fresh drink of gin and it will be refreshing after tasting it. The next is the sweeter and citrusy gin cocktail which is the Gimlet which aroused in the year of 1870. The ingredients of the drink are the half an ounces of the lime juice, half an ounces of the simple syrup, and two and a half ounces of the good gin. Mix the entire ingredient into the shaker and pour that into the chill ice crushed glass. We can also prepare many cocktails of our own and make a new flavor.