Prepare your own best baked chicken recipe at home

To lead a healthy life we need to eat quality food that are made with natural ingredients and it should not contain any artificial favours or colours in it because the artificial taste enhancers will increase the taste and decrease the health benefits of the food. One should follow balanced diet in every day meal the balanced diet is nothing but the food which contains all necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins fibre are considered as the essential nutrients for the body they will help in cell division and bone development.


People who do not have such nutrients in their body will face malnutrition so it is a must to take the balanced meal every day. the foods like egg, dairy products, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, green leaves, fish, chicken and meat contains high amount of nutrients in it so consuming it every day will help us to lead a healthy life style. Chicken is one of the best foods of all time because the taste of it will make us to eat more and it also contains high amount of protein in it which is used of muscle development and growth of our body.


People who are working out in gym can have chicken daily because it helps to build lean muscle mass. The chicken does not contain much fat like meat and it will create food allergy in people so even small children can have it occasionally. Christmas is the biggest occasion where we can make many different recipes in turkey and chicken and those dish will definitely become a huge hit in the home. the backed chicken recipe is a common dish made in all homes but we are not satisfies with the taste of the chicken but to modify the taste we can add a simple secret mix and make it a perfect dish.


How to cook baked chicken recipe?

Baked items are good for our body because it does not contain high amount of oil in it and it will any food allergy in people and even the people who have high cholesterol can enjoy the baked dish because it never contain even a drop of oil in it. the chicken contain natural oils in its body so we no need to add extra oil to it so using a chicken and spicy products we can make a wholesome baked chicken recipe.


To prepare it we need a well cleaned full chicken, salt, pepper, brown chilli powder and bread crumbles. Take a bowl and fill it with required salt, pepper, bread crumbles and brown chilli powder in it and then mix the content using the backside of the spoon later the content is mixed magnate the content over the chicken. Once the content is mixed thoroughly then pre heat the oven for about 400 degree centigrade and cook the chicken for about an hour. After the chicken cooked completely take it from the oven and serve it hot to your family members and friends.