Prepare the healthy and delicious homemade guacamole by your own

All the Mexicans love guacamole and many people do not know what is this guacamole. It is the most famous and delicious salad which is prepared by the Mexicans and this is highly healthy and also it is very much delicious. Now this guacamole has become the great part of the Americans and the Americans also love this guacamole. All people can use this guacamole as the best dip or the salad ingredient and it will give the most delicious taste to the salad if it is added to it. It is also said to be the avocado based dip and it is the reason for its great familiarity. There are many benefits which can be obtained from this guacamole and the people can greatly use this in all the salads which are prepared. This is found to be very much healthy and let us learn how to make use of this guacamole in the salad.

The most needed ingredients for making this guacamole are two ripe avocados and these avocados are said to be the great healthy food and this is used as the main ingredient in this food. Cut the avocado into two pieces and take out all the external skin of the fruit. Place them in a bowl and smash them finely and then squeeze one whole lemon to the bowl. Mix the thoroughly and then take a tomato and cut it to pieces.

Add the chopped tomatoes to the bowl along with the onions which are also to be chopped. Then mix them once again and then add two table spoon of cilantro to the bowl. Finely chopping the cilantro will be better and then salt and the required pepper for taste. Mix them thoroughly and finally you can get the delicious guacamole which is prepared in the home itself. This homemade guacamole will be highly healthy and also it will be greatly tasty. The taste of this cannot be obtained from the hotels and all the other shops. It will be highly tasty and no other dish can be kept as compensation and this will be the tastiest dish if it is prepared in the home.

There are many benefits which can be found in all the homemade recipes and the homemade dishes. All the homemade dishes will be highly tasty and it is the best way to take the hygienic and delicious food in the daily life. Preparing the homemade dish will be very easy and it is very simple too. People can have fun in preparing the guacamole in the home. This is purely a vegetarian recipe and there are no non vegetarian foods or the meats are added to it. So, all the people who take only vegetarian can obtain the benefit from this guacamole as it gives all the excellent taste which is obtained from the meats and the fish. Enjoy the taste of the guacamole and serve it to the family.