Prepare healthy tortellini primavera in your home easily and quickly

There are several kinds of pasta found in the market and the most famous type of pasta is the ring pasta. The ring typed pasta are called as the tortellini and they are very famous than the other typed of pastas found in the market. The pasta is the food which is highly healthy and it is also very much delicious. There are many recipes which are prepared with the help of the pasta. This pasta is used as the most important ingredient in most of the recipes and it is highly known for its taste and its hot crispy texture. All the people and especially the kids love pasta and there are also people who highly long for the pasta foods. This tortellini pasta is found to be very much tasty and it is said to the best pasta among all the pastas found in the market. Preparing the pasta foods is very easy and it will be highly useful to increase the health of the human body. So, the pasta can be added to the daily food habits and this pasta can be easily prepared in the home itself. Here is the simple way to prepare the pasta food and read them and prepare your own pasta food in your home.


The pasta foods can be highly prepared in a very hygienic way and the very first thing which has to be taken to make the pasta dish is the tortellini. As already mentioned above this tortellini is the kind of pasta and it would be better to take nine ounces of whole wheat tortellini pasta in a bowl. Add them to the hot water and cook them finely by keeping in them in the high temperature. Vegetables are to be added to all the foods as these vegetables are highly healthy and they will be providing all the nutritious supplements to the human body.

Take one bag of the organic mixed vegetables and add them to the vessel containing the tortellini and the hot water. Stir them finely till they are mixed together. Then take a frying pan and then add one clove of chopped garlic to the pan. Before adding the chopped garlic, pore two table spoons of oil and then add the garlic. Two cups of baby zucchini is to be added along with the garlic and then also add the two baby squash to the frying pan. Let them to mix and then add two chives which must be finely chopped. Then take them and then add them to the vessel having the tortellini and finally add low sodium vegetable stock to them. Aging stir them thoroughly till they are mixed together. It will be good to add the arugula and two cups of arugula will be highly enough. Also add the lemon juice to the mixture to increase the taste. Cook them and stir them finely and at last the most delicious dish is thus prepared with the tortellini.