Prepare a healthy chocolate cake without flour

Cake is a delicious snacks and it is one of the most favorite snack for many people in the world. The softness of the cake and the taste of the cake is reason for the success of this snack. We can see different types of cakes these days. Ever since the inception of the cakes there are different inventions in the cake to satisfy the cravings of the people. The cake is prepared using flour, eggs, butter, essence and sugar. This is the basic ingredients added together to cook the cake. After adding all these ingredients one after other the cake is cooked through heating in oven. The best part of the cake is the softness of the cake and the cream applied on the top of the cake. In the beginning there were cakes with cream on the top. Then cream was used in the top and in between the cake. Two small pieces or slices of cake added with the cream in between two slices makes a cake.

The creams are made up of butter and used in the cakes. The main reason that cake is being the one of the most favorite snack is the different types of cream used in the cake. The creams used in the cakes are in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc. These flavors add more taste to the cake and the vanilla is the basic flavor out of which all other flavors are made. Not only in the cream but also in the cake we can have different flavors. There are vanilla cakes the most liked flavor of all the cakes from the beginning, the chocolate cake, strawberry and many other flavors. The chocolate cake is the one of the leading flavor like by most of the people of this generation. The familiarity of the chocolate cake has increased like never before as there are many different types of chocolates these days.

The chocolate cake is cooked with the ingredients such as butter, flour, chocolates, vanilla cream, eggs and sugar. The flour used to cook the cake contains gluten which seems to be allergic for many people. The effects of gluten cause health issues like intestinal problems for the people who are allergic for wheat. Therefore people opt for gluten free food recipes these days. You can get many gluten recipes and especially gluten free cakes too. Let us see how to cook flourless chocolate cake. The flourless cake is also very delicious.

Melt the chocolate chips, espresso and butter together. Then combine egg and sugar together and add the melted ingredients and form a batter. Then take a pan and spray it with cooking spray and use a parchment paper so that the cake does not stick with the pan. Now pour the batter into the pan and cook it in 350 degrees, cook for 50-55 mins of time if the cake is larger or if the cake is smaller, it will take only 15 minutes. Once it is baked, cool it for one hour then serve. You got the delicious flourless chocolate cake.