Marinating the chicken- learning the basics

Chicken is one of the types of the meat in which it is also known as the poultry meat. The meat of the chicken is rich in protein which is used in the different food items. Most of the children will prefer the chicken than any other meat. Because the chicken is rich in taste and it is rich in the nutrients. Making of the chicken recipes will be interesting and most of the people including adults will love to eat the dishes which are made up of the chicken. Chicken soups are used as the starters in many hotels which will increase the appetite of the person. Chicken is the most delicious meat so that even the children will love to eat the chicken. Chicken can be cooked in any form as there are many dishes that can be done with the help of the chicken. Everyone will love the dishes that are made up of chicken and they will go for the choice of the chicken since because of its taste. Fried rice that is made up of chicken will be very delicious and yummy even the children will not say anything and they will eat the dish quietly.


Making the chicken fry will be a good idea for the children. To make a delicious chicken fry the first thing that we need to do is the marinating where the chicken will be made spicy by adding the ingredients in it. There are many ways in marinating the chicken they are, first add the virgin olive oil in the bowl and add some chicken wings in it, add the vinegar in it. Vinegar is added into the chicken to make it tendered so that the chicken will be soft and tasty when it is fried after that the olive oil gives the nourishment and an oily layer to the wing which will be greasy and polished to look. This type of the marinating will be fine and it will be good for the appearance. Then add the basil in the chicken, add the cracked black pepper which is very strong. Add the pepper in smaller quantities. Then add the onion powder. Mix the mixture and cover the mixture with the plastic paper, keep the marinated chicken in the refrigerator so that the chicken will be soft when it is cooked.


The chicken before cooking needs to be marinated to make the spicy things coated on the chicken so that the chicken will be finely soaked in the spicy content. Here the basil is used which is an herb which has many health effects in it. The black crushed pepper used in the dish will be a good spicy agent so that the chicken will have the taste of the cracked pepper. The olive oil which is used to marinate the chicken is good for the health too.  The marination which is explained is the basics depending on the dish that you are cooking. Most of the dishes will be having the different marination but the pepper powder is added to all the dishes to make it spicy and strong.