Make the hygienic and delicious pizza in your home by adopting the following procedure

Pizza is one of the most famous western foods and it is loved by many people. Pizza will be very much tasty and also delicious. There are many varieties of pizzas found in the market. This pizza is prepared with meat, fish, and vegetables and so on. All the varieties of the pizza will be of different taste and color. This pizza is found to be highly healthy and also it will be very much tasty. There are pizzas which are having crispy taste such pizzas will be still more tasty and also healthy. All the people will take the pizza from the hotels and they may not know how to make pizzas in their home. Making pizza in the home is very much easy and also it is very simple. There are many varieties of pizzas as mentioned above and the people can try any one of the pizza in the home. Making pizza will be very much interesting and it will also be highly tasty than the pizzas found in the shops and the hotels. It is very simple to make pizzas in the hoe and let us try to make the gluten free pizza in the home. Making the gluten pizza in the home will be very much simple and it will be also highly hygienic.


The very first step which the people have to do to prepare the pizza in their home is to collect all the ingredients which are needed for the preparation of pizza. 2 ½ cup of high protein blend has to be taken and then ½ cup of millet flour is also to be taken. The one table spoon of xanthan gum should be taken along with the five table spoon of instant active dry yeast.11/3 cup of warm water is highly needed to make the pizza. After collecting all these ingredients, the next is to take honey for about 1-3 table spoon and one table spoon of cider vinegar has also to be taken. The gluten pizza sauce for about 2 to 3 table spoon is needed. The cheeses which are shredded are also considered to be the most needed ingredients to prepare the pizza. Four medium sized tomatoes are required along with the fresh basil with the added garnish is to be collected and finally olive oil is the most needed ingredient to prepare this pizza.

Take a bowl and put the flour into it and mix it with warm water. Make the pizza layers and then add all the ingredients which are mentioned above evenly. The next important step is to heat the pizza for about 450 degree by keeping it in the oven. Finally take out the pizza after it is been cooked. The most delicious pizza is prepared easily in the home and it is the pizza which will be really healthy and also it will be highly hygienic when compared to all the other pizzas which are bought from the hotels and the shops. It will be better to make the pizzas in the home itself and enjoy the taste of the pizza with your family.