Make healthy nachos and enjoy healthy diet

If you want to enjoy delicious Mexican snack, you can easily try it in your home. You don’t need to find a Mexican restaurant for cherishing nachos. Sometimes the nachos from the famous Mexican restaurants is not worthy for the money. They fail to give the real taste and people get disappointed. If you love nachos and you want to relish it really then try to prepare on your own. The nachos are Mexican chips covered with cheese or the sauce made up of cheese. The nachos are chips made up of tortillas. As the tortillas are thin bread made up of grounded wheat flour the main reason for the taste of nachos is tortillas. The tortillas are applied with the cheese and the chips become delicious when the toppings are added.

The history of nachos is very interesting, the wives of US soldiers stationed at Mexico had nothing to cook and a man called Nacho cooked nachos from the tortillas and the cheese he had in the kitchen. They were trying for food from restaurant but since it is night time, the restaurants were closed and could not get anything to eat. He took the tortillas and chopped it in triangle shapes and applied cheese on the tortillas and fired it finely. After frying the tortillas he seasoned it with jalapeño peppers. This has become very famous for taste and one of the familiar Mexican snacks. Once people found it to be delicious, Nacho went on to introduce this in restaurants and even he started a restaurant from then.

Then many of the restaurants have started doing nachos and the snack has become very famous in other countries also. In the future they used cheese sauce instead of cheese. Due to this the prepared tortillas and cheese sauce has come to market for sales. Therefore people don’t need to prepare tortillas and cheese sauces on their own. They can get these two from shops and cook it easily. This is one of the easiest Mexican snacks and the snack that is of fine taste. Different types of toppings are used in nachos like meat, grounded beef, corned beef, black beans, cilantro, lettuce, spinach, onions, garlic, pickles and olives.

The nachos are full of fat and calories so we should try preparing healthy nachos. Usually nachos are mouth-watering and hence people do not bother about the fat or calorie. But if you are cared about your family or loved ones, better opt for preparing healthy nachos. The healthy nachos are nothing but preparing nachos from same tortillas and cheese but use healthy toppings. Cut the tortillas in to wedges and apply cheese on it. If you want to apply cheese sauce then go for it. If you want to dip the tortilla wedges in the bowl of lime juice mixed with chilli powder, try it and you will have delicious nachos with different toppings. Use chicken breast, veggies, natural salsa, spinach, onion, lettuce or any other vegetables you would like to have. The different types of toppings will add different taste to the nachos and make it special to relish.