Learn to prepare the shrimp stir fry in a simple manner

One of the dish which is more tasty and gives a colorful appearance is the shrimp stir fry  This type of cooking is done only for the vegetarian food items where the people actually needs the dish to be very tasty than the non-vegetarian  food items. One of the greatest advantages of shrimp stir fry dish is that it can be used for later use also where it can be chilled and stored in a refrigerator. Then the requirements and the needs for making this dish is easily portable and it can be taken anywhere. There are some ingredients which are actually needed for preparing the shrimp stir fry. They are shrimps, cabbage, carrots it should be sliced like the coins, snow peas, chopped broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, cooking oil, sesame oil, and piece of garlic, required cups of soya, gingered powder and then finally the black pepper.

Steps to be followed for making the shrimp stir fry

Initially in a large pot the water is allowed to boil for 10 -15 minutes then after that add the cleaned shrimps to that boiled water and leave the shrimps inside until it becomes pink color. Then after that take an empty vessel then pour some amount of sesame oil and cooking oil. Then add the sliced garlic, onions, mushrooms and the boiled shrimps. Then stir the items for few minutes until the oil is completely pasted in onions and mushrooms. At that time the soya, pepper, ginger and the extra oil in the vessels were allowed to heat. After heating these items add the sliced vegetables to the vessels and stir the pan to make the oils even in all the vegetables.

Until the vegetables become crisp the chef is allowed to stir. Then after that the shrimps in another vessel is allowed to mix with the vegetables so that the taste in both the items will give a tasty food and colorful appearance. Before starting this dish for cooking one must always get to know about the tips and extra features which make the dish to be very tasty and colorful. Here are some of the tips which are after the vegetables are added don’t cook for long time then another important thing is that the sauce should not be added more where it does not makes the vegetables crispy. If once the meat or vegetables were added do not disturb it for few minutes then after the 20 minutes add the remaining vegetables to the vessel then stir slowly to fry. Use the vinegar if a person wants the vegetables to be tasty. Then while adding the sauces or any liquid items allow the vegetables to be stir on the edge of the wok. Don’t stir the vegetables at the centre of the wok where it may spoil the vegetables which will be very hot. To have an even appearance slice the vegetables in a uniform manner