Learn how to make pierogy brunch quiche and enjoy its taste

Quchie is the kind of savoury and it is made with the fillings like cheese, eggs and other meat varieties. It will be very much delicious and also it will be highly tasty. This is the quiche which can be served in both the hot and the cold seasons. It is found to be very much common among the French people and it is used in most of the foods and the recipes prepared by the people. Preparing food with the help of this quiche will be highly tasty and it will add additional flavor to the food prepared. So, many people use this as an important ingredient in their cooking. There are many varieties of recipes which can be prepared with the help of this quiche. Now let us see a very famous recipe which is made with the help of this quiche and it is named as the pierogy brunch quiche. The combination of both the pierogy and the brunch quiche will be highly tasty and delicious. Let us learn how to prepare this tasty food in the home.


It is highly simple to prepare this food and the very first step is to take a bowl and add some water to the bowl. Heat the water to the highest temperature and then add one box of potatoes along with the cheddar pierogies. Make them to boil for few minutes and after boiling them finely keep them aside and then take a frying pan and then add one tea spoon of butter or also the margarine to the pan. After that add some chopped pepper to the pan and the pepper must be chopped finely and evenly. Take fresh mushrooms which must be sliced and then again add it to the pan and fry them for few minutes. Mix them thoroughly and then add three baby spinach which must be washed cleanly and then it would be better to add it to the pan. Along with the spinach add two scallions and it would be better to add them in the sliced form.

After that take three eggs and then place them in a small bowl. Beat them finely to get the paste format and then add 1 ½ cup of milk to the bowl. Add the required amount of salt to the bowl containing the egg and along with that add the black pepper also. It will be better to add the black pepper for about ¼ teaspoon. Then add one shredded asiago cheese and the cheese will give the excellent taste to the food. Take the potatoes and the pierogy which are boiled in the first step. Along with that add the fried ingredients in the pan. The bowl containing the egg will now have all the needed ingredients to prepare the dish. Now mix them thoroughly and then let them to set properly. Transfer them to the baking pan and cook them to 450 degree by keeping them in the oven. Finally you will get the tastiest pierogy brunch quiche.