Know to prepare a Pizza recipe

Pizza is the most famous food and it is the food which is loved by many people. It is the favorite food of many kids too and it is because the pizza is very much tasty and it is also healthy. It is rich in many minerals and vitamins and the people can bravely take pizza daily in order to enhance their strength. The pizza which are prepared in the house will be very much tasty than the other pizza which are bought from the shops. It is because preparing the pizza in the home will be very much easy and it will also be hygienic and healthy. So, it will be highly good to prepare the pizza in the home itself and it is not a difficult way to prepare the pizza. The preparation of the pizza recipe is also highly useful and the people must learn how to prepare the pizza recipe in their home itself. Here are few steps for preparing the pizza recipe. Follow the steps and learn how to make the pizza recipe in the home itself.

Oven is the most important one which is highly needed to prepare the pizza recipe and the oven has to be kept in the 450 degree so as the pizza can be cooked easily and quickly. Take a pan and to the pan add one large onion. The added onion must be finely chopped and then it must be added to the pan. The finely chopped onion will really give the tastiest flavor to the pizza recipe. Adding one large onion is highly enough for one pizza.


After adding the chopped onion, the pepper can be added to the onion and it is because the pepper is the ingredient which gives much taste and flavor to the pizza. One green pepper which must be a bell pepper is highly enough for the pizza recipe. Mix them thoroughly and then add the red pepper also. The red pepper is added to the pan in order to enhance the look and also the taste of the pizza recipe. Mix them together to get the fine mixture of the three ingredients.


 After mixing thoroughly add some button mushroom to the pan. The button mushroom is the one which is also very much healthy and it increases the taste of the recipe. Along to that add one table spoon of canola oil and mix them again. Cook them and then replace it to another pan in order to add some tomatoes to it. Mix them together and then take some dried basil which can be about ¼ tea spoon. Then add ¼ teaspoon of oregano along with the tomato sauce. Mix them thoroughly and spread it on the layer of the pizza and then add the ingredients which are prepared earlier. Finally keep the inside the oven for about 15 minutes and then take them out. The finely cooked pizza recipe can be prepared in the house by following such an easy way.