Know the basic handling and cooking techniques using frozen Alaska Pollock

Meat is one of the most commonly used food product throughout the globe on a daily basis with fish meat topping the chart for people’s consumption. These fishes can be cooked directly if individuals catch them for their individual purposes. But people can also find the same product in stores in different formats such as tinned, raw and even chopped varieties. Hence, they have to ensure precaution when they purchase and consume such things. It is mainly on the health aspect people should consider while purchasing them before they think of its taste. Alaska Pollock, a very vastly found fish in USA of the cod family is one of the most common choices for people as they provide great taste and health for its consumers when prepared correctly apart from their wide presence in the fresh waters. Also since these have to be kept chilled compared to other meat as they stand a better chance of getting decayed quickly, people must be even more cautious while they buy the product.


Basic tips

Before people cook these products, they must check on the quality of the product before they even purchase them. If people are buying the canned cods, they must check the expiry date and also check for the storage temperature of the place before they buy them. But if they get to buy the product in the raw format, they can check for the whiteness of the flesh before they purchase them. A meat which is whiter actually means that it fresher than the rest. Though people can also purchase them in their frozen method, they must check if the meat is once or twice frozen before they purchase them and if possible prefer the once frozen meat over the other as they are even tastier and healthier than the twice frozen meat. A once frozen Alaska Pollock can actually give the eaters a better quality, flavour, texture and even colour for their food rather than the twice frozen variety. People can also distinguish the product as the twice frozen type would be even greyer than the once frozen one.


People can purchase these Alaska Pollock fishes either as a whole meat or in different shapes such as the nugget and stick varieties. A once frozen Alaska Pollock can be softer in their touch thereby giving the users the liberty to cut and cook them as per their choice. The once frozen product would be immediately frozen once they are caught unlike the other variety which would first be caught and headed and gutted before they are frozen once. Later this frozen product is shipped and thawed to the different parts where they would be processed and frozen again, thereby removing all the vital nutrients from the meat. People must first set the oven to a specific heat and test the meat before they cook the entire dish. They can even follow the instructions specified on the meat container to obtain the best cooked results of the fish.