How to make blueberry pecan rice muffins

The blueberry is the kind of a fruit and it is used for many purposes. It is used as the food ingredient while preparing many recipes and also it is very much useful to the health of the human body. There will be no side effects which can be seen from the blueberry and it is the most famous one which is used in many of the recipes in the state of America.

The pecan is the kind of nuts and it is from the origin of the Mexican. It is found in the southern part and the south eastern part of the United States. It will be very much useful and it is highly healthy too. So, all the Americans use it in most of their recipes and it will give the most delicious taste to the food. It is the reason for which this pecan is added to most of the recipes in the America.

The muffins are the baked bread and it is the product which is found all over the United States. It is the best product which comes under the bread category and it is loved by most of the kids as it is highly crispy and also they are delicious. People make use of this bread in most of their recipes and it is added in order to get the fine taste. This is also very much healthy as all the above said ingredients and it can be bravely given to the kids without any fear.

Preparing a recipe by adding all the above said ingredients will be a very healthy and tasty combination and let us learn how to prepare the recipe with the help of all the above said recipes easily and quickly.

The very first step is to take a bowl and add two cups of flour and also one cup of sugar along with the flour to the bowl. Mix them thoroughly and then add one table spoon of salt to the bowl. Add baking soda to the bowl and then again mix them together finely. After mixing add two table spoons of the vanilla to the bowl and along with that also add the eggs. Two eggs will be highly enough and then again mix them together. Then add one lemon to the bowl and add a cup of milk to the bowl. After adding the milk ad ¼ cup of canola oil to the bowl. Again stir them and mix them together. Add ½ cups of finely chopped pecans to the bowl and also add the blue berries along with it. Make the mixture to set for few minutes and then bake it by keeping in the oven for about 350 degree.

At last the most delicious dish can be taken out from the oven and it can be served in plates. All the kids, elders and all the people will love this one and it will be really good for the human health.