Frittata and fruit salad a delicious food recipe to taste

People love to relish all kinds of food stuffs. Some people usually abstain from certain types of foods. Food lovers basically divided into two groups as vegan and non-vegan people. The vegan always abstains from non-vegan items and non-vegans eat all kinds of food stuffs. Each and every food has different taste and there is a history behind every food item. The food items have native history usually very interesting to listen. No food is prepared as it is. Mostly the people who love cooking take serious efforts to prepare delicious foods. For some people cooking is an art. Cooking is an art that serves the people to relish and get satisfied. Even the people who are not interested in cooking have to follow some dedicated steps to cook the food well. As long as food is the source of energy, there will be different types of recipes and cooking methods.

The one of the most famous food item which is liked by most of the people around the world is egg. The egg recipes are always delicious and people try different recipes using eggs. Egg recipes are usually cooked only using eggs, onion, pepper and salt with eggs, the omelettes – eggs cokes with tomato, onion and other items, eggs with beef and eggs with chicken and the list goes on. The eggs cooked using skillet deeply fried with different items is quite common in egg food items. The taste of the egg items differ from the type of add-on and toppings you use. The egg food items can be boiled, fried, beaten and well salted with sauces, lettuce, onion, jalapeño peppers and many other items.

Some egg food items merely smell the egg smell but other recipes do not smell much of egg because of the ingredients added in the recipe. Frittata is an egg based recipe and an Italian dish which is similar to omelette. Actually frittata is cooked with beef, meat and pasta to make a delicious egg recipe. This Italian dish is too delicious as it is deeply fried with meat, vegetables and cheeses in a skillet. Usually the egg recipes cooked in the skillets give much taste and the taste of frittata attracts all the egg lovers. The name frittata is derived from the Italian word friggere. The word friggere simply means fried.

Frittatas are prepared by beating the egg well in a vessel not as cooked but as raw. The taste of the frittata is due to the raw eggs beaten up and added with meat, tomatoes, onions and any other items and then cooked in a skillet. If you use the beaten egg in a skillet and other ingredients then you will not be able to get delicious frittatas. The delicious frittatas can be served with fruit salad which will give awesome taste and outstanding aroma. Actually the mixture is cooked well in a light heat for more than 5 minutes. The frittata is not folded type like omelette; it is cooked fully either on both the sides or in the single side.