Enjoy your party time with sangria recipe

We all love food because it has different taste, colour and texture in it and more than the solid foods the liquid one are very popular among people because it gives us the instant energy on the go and it has different flavours and varieties in it. there are lots of drinks available in the world apart from beverages they are vodka, red wine, white wine, whiskey, brandy etc. though the wine are produced from good quality fruits it gets the alcoholic content in it naturally and  during fermentation process to kill bacteria’s in it some amount of brandy is poured in it. Wines are safe to drink because it contains both fruit flavour and taste it also contains high amount of antioxidants in it which helps to develop immunity power over the diseases. The Spain is the country known for wine and they are the inventors of sangria which means blood in Spanish language. The sangria recipes are made with wine and fruits and the combination will provides exotic taste to the people. those recipes are easy to made and good in taste people who are spending lot of money in bars and pubs for drinks will definitely  love this drink and they will never go for bar after tasting it. cocktails and mock tails are famous among the people because the combination flavours will give extraordinary taste to us but they cost a lot when we purchase it outside  if we made that in home then we can save money and also can taste the extraordinary flavours. Sangria recipe is also a kind of cocktails but it is made with real fruits and fresh wine so the taste of it will be more enriched than the cocktails. We may arrange parties and functions at our home during that time we can surprise our friend and family members with sangria recipes.


How to make secret sangria recipe at home?

Fruits are good for health because they contain high amount of fibre and vitamins in it and they help in digestion and will give glowing skin. The citrus fruits like oranges, lemon and grapes are rich in vitamin C and they also contain citric acid in it which will help in weight reduction. Using citrus fruits and red wine we can make a rocking sangria recipe in a minute of time.


To prepare sangria drink we need chopped apples, sliced lime, sliced lemon, sliced oranges, a bottle of old red wine made in Spain, a cup of brandy and orange juice. Take large glass gar and pour one and half bottle of red wine which is made in Spain and add a cup of brandy in it after that add a bottle of fresh orange juice and then add two sliced oranges, cubed apples and sliced lemon and lime. Later mix a cup of sugar in it and combine the mixture thoroughly and place it in the refrigerator for about an hour. After the content is chilled add a Bootle of stilled water in it and serve to your friends by pouring the sangria recipe in the serving glass.