Enjoy the taste of the south-western chicken and rice bake by preparing it in your home

All the south western dishes and recipes are found to be more delicious and tasty. There are many types of dishes and recipes prepared by the south-western people. There are also many varieties and all the varieties are highly tasty and very delicious. They prepare foods with chicken, rice, fish and so on. The style of cooking food is found to be very much different when compared to all the other parts of the world. There is a very most famous dish which is prepared by those people and it is named as the south-western chicken and rice bake. It is one of the most famous foods prepared by them and it is prepared with the fresh chicken and baked rice. It will be highly delicious and also people often take this dish as their food twice in a week. Making this food is very simple and also it is very much easy. All the people can prepare this food by being in their home and it is both healthy and also delicious. So, learn to prepare this food and it will be surely loved by all the people. Here are few steps to prepare this food in a very easy way. Follow this and enjoy the taste of south western chicken and rice bake.

The first needed ingredient to prepare the food is the chicken. It will be better to take one rotisserie chicken and the chicken must be coarsely chopped. The chopped chicken will give the fine taste to the food and so it will be better to take the chopped chicken. Take them in a bowl and along with that take 16 oz jar of salsa and salsa is a very healthy ingredient and it will add additional taste to the food. Add it to the bowl and along with the chicken in the bowl. Mix them thoroughly and then add 11 oz can corn and also add pepper along with that and it is because it will give the hot taste to the food and it can be also added in all the other foods.

After mixing put 15 oz of can black beans and the beans are added to get the crispy taste and also the black beans are very much healthy to the human body. After adding take 2-10 oz cans of enchilada sauce and it will be looking red in color. Add them to the bowl containing all the above said mixture. Now take the major ingredient which is the rice and it can be taken for about 1 ½ cups and the instant white rice will be better than the other rice found in the
market. Add them to the bowl and then along with them add 8 oz of Mexican style shredded cheese. Stir them thoroughly and then place it in a baking pan and bake it for about 450 degree in the oven. Take it out and finally you will get the tastiest food which is the south-western chicken and rice bake.