Easy and yummy Chicken cordon bleu casserole

Chicken is the type of recipe that we can cook easily in no time with simple ingredients. It is because the time taken to cook the chicken is very less. As the flesh of the chicken is soft, you don’t need much time to cook the chicken. Chicken takes less time to boil and hence to prepare any interesting recipe using chicken better opt for chicken. If we take less time to cook the flesh we can’t avoid the raw smell. The raw smell of the chicken can be avoided using the spices and other ingredients. The ingredients we add along with the chicken to cook the chicken should be deep fired according to the recipe you cook. The type of recipe you cook decides the amount and they type of ingredients you add with the chicken.

The taste of the chicken is about how it is cooked. You can cook for few minutes or you can take more time to cook the chicken. It does not matter how long you take to cook the chicken, it matter about the ingredients and the steps you use to cook the recipe that makes the taste. Some people love to eat half cooked or half boiled and some people love to eat fully cooked. Chicken half cooked with fully cooked stuffs and fillings will give different taste and the chicken fully cooked with fully cooked stuffs and fillings will give another type of taste. The taste matters with the combination of main food item with the ingredients. The foods prepared in a slow cooking are called as casserole. Casserole takes time and the deep cooking gives wonderful aroma and interesting taste.

To prepare chicken cordon bleu, use boneless chicken breasts, pounded to become thin. The pounded chicken does not take too much of time to get cooked but since it is casserole recipe we take time to cook the cordon bleu so that the ingredients blend with the chicken and the result will be fine. The ingredients to be added with the chicken are cooked ham, milk, Swiss cheese and condensed mushroom soup. The chicken recipe with cheese and milk will give sweet taste. First the boneless chicken is sliced in the middle so that we can stuff it for the better cooking. After slicing the chicken to open it, keep the ham on the top and the cheese slices and then close the chicken as a roll and lock it with tooth picks. The tooth picks will stop it from getting opened.  

After that spray the non stick cooking spray to the cooker and place the chicken pieces. In between stir up the soup and the milk together and pour it on the chicken pieces kept in the cooker. Cook it for as many hours as it takes to change the color of the chicken. The color of the chicken should change from pink. After cooking it you can serve it as a hot recipe. This recipe can be cooked easily and it does not take much time if you want to cook it soon. The same recipe can be cooked for more time if you want to experience different taste.