Cook your favourite Crispy Sorghum at home easily

Food is the essential part of human life because humans live in this world only with the help of the energy provided by the food we eat. But beyond the energy the food has many distinct qualities in it they are taste, colour, flavour and smell. If a food has all those qualities then it is called wholesome food. we may cook food everyday but we cannot create great tasting food on all day cooking this is because insufficient time or hurry burry life style. There are many simple less time consuming recipes are present for the working professionals for daily cooking, those recipes needs very minimal time and ingredients and within ten or fifteen minutes we can prepare mouth watering dishes which are great in taste and loaded benefits too. To find quick dishes for everyday cooking we can surf online or we can refer the quality cook books. We all sorghum but we do not try sorghum based dishes at home because it is time consuming and difficult. So we only sorghum dishes in the restaurants but there are simple ways in making crispy sorghum at home easily it does not need more ingredients or time. This dish considered as the best mid time snack for children’s and for the adults. People who come late after work and people who are planning to go out can prepare and eat it easily in home and this dish will not consume more space in your stomach so you can feel light.



Weight watchers and obese people can eat this dish without hesitation because it does not contain more calories and it will not add extra weight to the body. This dish can be served in home style parties or in functions because sorghum was loved by most of the people in the world so definitely this dish will be popular one among the sorghum lovers.


How to prepare crispy sorghum at home?

To prepare crispy sorghum we need olive oil, best quality sorghum, red peppers, lime juice, lime zest, salt and pepper, garnishing leaves, chopped onions and diced boiled potato. First pour the olive oil in the sauce pan and roast the sorghum for about thirty minutes and once the colour of the sorghum gets brown reduce the flame and leave it as such. Now take a bowl and add chopped onions, boiled dice potato in it and to add flavour mix red peppers, lime juice, lime zest, salt pepper and mix those content for a while.


Then later take a small serving bowl and add the mixture in the bottom of the bowl and above it add some crispy sorghum over it and then garnish it with and leaves it may be mint leaves or coriander. After garnishing it serve it to your beloved family members or friends and enjoy the day. The crispy sorghum is one of the popular dish on the internet as it is prepared easily many people are choosing it as their mid time snack.