A Great Guide For Pairing Your Dessert Wine with Food

image1_compressedThere’s nothing like knowing how to pair the right food with the right dessert wine. This is a skill that’s needed for your parties, gatherings, and any other event that requires good food and drink. Knowing how to pair off different notes will set you apart from the pack because you have the right tools in your arsenal for giving good flavor. You have to match the right sweetness of the dessert to go with the wine otherwise you miss the taste profiles. You want that last impression on your guests to be as smooth as silk. Here’s a short guide to help make more sound decisions when you pair your food with your wine.

Fruit Pairs With Wine Due to Acidity

image2_compressedSure, you can always make yourself a good sangria with a red or white wine. That’s perfectly fine. However, if you are just doing a general free-for-all with food you can always choose a set of grapes, apples, pineapples, pears or any other kind of tasty fruit to match your wine. It’s all about putting the right intensity with both your wine and dessert. If you have something a bit more on the robust side, it should bring out more flavor in your wine profile. All in all, you’ll have a delicious treat on your hands. In the case of dessert, make sure your wine is sweeter than your dessert. Why? Wine tastes very dull and flat when the sweetness of the dessert overpowers it. It clearly defeats the purpose. Remember that when you begin trying sweeter desserts to pair with your wine.


How to Pair with Custard and Vanilla-Based Dessert


The flavor profile of these are a bit on the light side so you should have a wine like Riesling or Asti Spumante to go with your dessert. Of course, if you have more a fruit and spice mix, the only thing that can match is Sauternes or Sauvignon because it has a richer and more distinct profile. You have to always match the acidity of the fruit with the right wine as stated earlier.

Profile with the Color of the Dessert

Cimage4_compressedaramels and chocolates are very rich and creamy to the tongue. This is why you should have a good red wine like Port, Sauternes, or even Brachetto d’Acqui. The richness of the chocolate and caramel will balance out when you have a darker wine that has a nice sweet kick to it but has more going for it throughout your taste notes. Likewise, if you had an angel cake or a cheese cake, Riesling or a Muscat would work well because it’s much lighter. Having this knowledge before your event begins will certain impress your guests. They will delight in having a light dessert with a good wine to relax and open up their evening. When you have a long day, you don’t have to go for a hard beer or shot – keep some good dessert wine on deck to round out your meal.